The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single stride, and all remarkable stories have an unassuming starting, a solid center, and an animating finale. The history of Gupta Group began many decades back, as coal trading Company. The little stride taken by my granddad has driven us to today where we are encountering a solid development direction set apart by vertical development in volumes and venture into various parts.

We began as a residential coal mining Company; however, with time we have steadily expanded into Coal Imports, Coal Beneficiation, Power, Logistics, as well as Infrastructure Company. This is the core center that drives the India’s development and economy.

Every one of our operations works with a solitary goal of securing and keeping up with the safety as well as the health of our mineworkers. We utilize the most recent mining innovation and techniques to expand efficiency while at the same time keeping up the most astounding conceivable level of safety. The objective of our proprietors/diggers, alongside our service, is to be the most productive coal mining company in the whole of India.

In the last couple of years, we have propelled prestigious imported coal contracts from clients, for example, KPCL and Mahagenco, propelled Chhattisgarh City Center in Raipur, selected 120 MW Power Plant in USGA on (MS) and took care of about 10 Million Tons of coal for our clients.Located in the correct areas, The GUPTA brand is very much situated to exploit the following development cycle. I believe that our dedication to quality, to our clients and our workers, is at the heart of our remarkable example of overcoming adversity. 


Throughout the years we have developed a solid Management team that is ready to drive the development to the future.Through our skill, our perceived security practice and our guaranteed duty to improvement and land stewardship, Gupta Group is committed to pushing ahead as a regarded pioneer and trendsetter in the coal business.

We trust this is quite recently the start!

Padmesh Gupta